Getting Vacation Ready!


A lot of you have written me with questions like, “Got any tips for losing weight in the two weeks before my vacation?”  We’ve all been there where the swimsuit comes in the mail and we have a “holy shit” moment. I had one last week in fact.  I’m headed to a bachelorette party and realized my six pack is less like Diet Coke and more like Busch Beer. Eeeeeekkkk.

The truth is, there’s nothing you can do in two weeks or two days that will drastically change your appearance, but there are a few little tricks you can engage to look lean and mean.  The above picture was taken a week before my competition. I was off of a 12 week plan of no drinking, pretty strict dieting, and 6 days a week of working out. If you have motivation to do this, I suggest hiring a professional trainer. I use Tracy Holtzmann of Sleek Body Method. 

So if you don’t have 12 weeks and you’re panicking, don’t fear. I’ve got tips. But unfortunately I’ve also got some hard truths:

  1. Crash dieting is dangerous and can cause metabolic damage. Drastically cutting your carbs or doing something insane just isn’t worth it for a “beach body.”
  2. Nothing changes overnight. If you want to have a beach body, get on a program and stick to it.

If you’ve been on a diet and just want to slim down, here’s a few little tips!

  • Stick to a low sodium diet with non-bloaty foods: Stay away from breads, pastas, starches and things that can make you puffy. As you begin a diet, take notes. Broccoli actually makes me bloat, so when I’m hardcore, I stick to miracle noodles or zucchini.  I also love sushi, which is relatively healthy, but I can’t hang when it’s almost time for show.
  •  Water water water: You heard me, you’ve gotta drink water. Right now I’m just doing a gallon a day. Many bodybuilders also “dry out,” or dehydrate before a show, but I’m not sure I would recommend this if you are just going on vacation. You are going to be drinking alcohol (likely) and you will want to be sure you are hydrated for that. Not worth the hangover.
  • Detox Tea: Did you know you can gain up to 5 lbs from flying? Yup. You don’t just feel fat when you travel, you actually can hold water weight. I like to drink Dandelion Root Tea which is great for kidney function and detoxing. Water pills aren’t always healthy, so I prefer to go the natural route. Please beware of Instagram “skinny” tea though. Don’t waste your money here.
  • HIIT Workouts: High Intensity Interval workouts are great to burn max calories in a short amount of time. There are many downloadable ones online. Also, there are many HIIT bodyweight routines that can be done in your home or in a hotel room.
  • Get Plenty of Sleep and Manage Stress : Many bodybuilders will say “you grow when you sleep.” Sleep is essential for muscle recovery,  increases energy, but most of all, helps manage cortisol, which causes belly fat.  Cortisol increases when we are stressed, and can actually be linked to excess body fat. I’m not a trainer or a scientist, but I will tell you there is a significant link to the body’s response to stress and body fat.  I recognize managing stress is easier said than done, but at least focus on getting 8 hours of sleep a night.
  • Spray Tan: Dark tans help hide cellulite and other undesirables. Not that this is really a diet tip, but wrinkles and cancer suck, so spray tan!

I hope these tips help you to get ready for vacay! Got any other helpful tips?! Drop them below!

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