Offseason Woes and Adoptable Dogs


Photo Credit: Darkwood Studios 


I want to tell you all something very honest. I almost didn’t post these.  A few weeks ago I was asked by the lovely David Carolyn to participate in a photo shoot with some adoptable dogs to benefit my favorite charity, Gateway Pet Guardians. I was super excited to do it, but to be honest, I struggled with the fact that I was in off season. I’m eating more food, trying to gain muscle to build on my progress from last year. I spend a lot of time preaching that you can’t be show lean all of the time, but I also seem to not be able to embrace the idea. I’m a fraud.  The second I gain, I immediately fall back on “Oh my god, dial it back, you’re out of control!” Am I really? No.  I’m still working out 6 days a week, enjoying the occasional cheat meal. I was hit with a hard truth by my friend who said, “Some girls don’t understand that in order to get leaner, you need to gain muscle, and sometimes, that means you have to look fluffy.” Oh lawd. Say it ain’t so. Competing is serious, and putting yourself out there to be judged for you body is super hard.

I want you to understand the hardest lesson I’m learning, and well, we’re learning it together: There are peaks and valleys in fitness. You can’t be show lean all the time. The important thing is to focus on progressing, little by little, every day.  Quite honestly, right now I’m enjoying life. I’m still a size 0. No one is dying. I don’t have abs right now and it makes me sad, but what also makes me happy is being able to drink some wine. (which I didn’t do before show) Priorities.


Crushing Reality: You can’t be lean all the time 

Now back to the point:  I’m never going to turn down a chance to get a makeover and play with Gateway dogs. FO FREE (sort of, I paid for my hair and makeup).  These two dogs that showed up are amazing. Their names are Melanie and Little Debbie. Little Debbie and I are soul mates. I’m sure of it. She also represents my love for snacks.

You might be asking yourself why I chose to do this shoot. Well, because I am a firm believer that if you are given a platform, you must use it for good.  No matter how I feel, there are millions of dogs that will spend life on the street this holiday season, and their problems are much bigger than my gainz. Gateway is a very wonderful organization that does a ton for the St. Louis community, from free spay and neuter clinics, to education, to fostering and adoption. If you have funds or supplies to donate this holiday season, please consider them. Also, David is an amazing photographer and is extremely diverse. He’s a good person and donates his time to do this. If you have photography needs, buy them from good people like David.

I hope this blog helps you this holiday season, understand that everything is a balance. Eat the food. Lift Heavy. Adopt all the dogs. Prosper.






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