GOALZ AND GAINZ: 7 Mantras for 2017


2017 will be a year for leaner legs!

Hey. Sorry I haven’t written much. I’ve been busy eating sandwiches and playing with puppies. Pretty typical I know. I started this really lame post about New Years’ Resolutions, and then I changed my mind because I thought it was stupid. I’ve been thinking a lot about my own resolutions, whether its to get leaner legs or abs or something else, and have decided to share them with you.  Whether you are just starting your journey or are far into it, I hope you find some of this useful.

1. I’m going to draw new lines: I had this great talk with my uncle last night about boundaries and drawing lines. We were actually talking about work, but he said this to me and it stopped me in my tracks, “Sometimes we draw a line in the sand and say ‘Ok, this is what I can tolerate,’ and then that thing happens, we don’t die, and we draw a new line. Each time the line gets further and further and we find we can actually handle a lot.” In fitness we all tend to draw those lines, right? I once said things like “I have to have a glass of wine every night,” then I went to three nights a week, then one, then before you know it, I was four months in with not a drop to drink. Decide where your line is and set yourself up for success.  I will constantly find that line and push myself.

2. I’m not going to be afraid to look like an idiot.  I specifically remember when I first started my prep. I had just lowered my macros and was LOW on energy. Not to mention, it was 6am. I had to do box jumps, and I had only a few left. My legs were so shaky, I did the whole “start to jump and fall on the box,” routine. My last one, my foot went straight out from under me and I landed straight on my back. Um, embarassing.  In the past, I wouldn’t have even attempted this, but I know that it’s what I need to do to be successful.

3. I’m going to get rid of toxic people: Maybe this isn’t just about fitness, but for so long I’ve kept people in my life that were negative forces.  I had people question my goals, motivations, criticize the way I dressed or ran my life, or even made light of my fitness goals. When you do this, you’re not being “helpful,” you’re an “asshole.” If someone in your life is making you feel less confident or less worthy, it’s not your job to stick around.


4. I’M GOING TO LEARN SCIENCE: As much as I like to think I know, I don’t know a lot of things in regards to science and the human body. I’m going to invest in myself, learn more about nutrition and exercise. I’ll also pass it on to you! I don’t claim to know everything, and neither do you. So whether you learn macros or refine your lifts, learn something!

5. I’m not going to let challenges derail me: There are so many times where I have one of those days where it’s never going to end. Especially in prep, when everything seems magnified, its easy to want to skip a day and drink some wine. There are days when I’ve cried in the gym parking lot and been so emotionally exhausted that I feel like I can’t go in. These days are the hardest, but I’m going to take challenges, turn them into problems, and find solutions.

6. I’m going to do more things I love: During my first prep, I did a lot of uphill sprints. They were lonely and they sucked. I know I’m going to have to do them again, but I have a goal this year to find cardio I love. My friend Rhonda does Zumba in prep. I don’t do Zumba, mainly because I look like an angry drowning victim when I do it, but I did find I love Title Boxing and Orange Theory.  If you’re new to fitness, be sure you engage in something you love. Remember resolutions #1 and #2, you may look stupid, but ask for help and learn a skill!

7. I’m going to search for the why: So many of us (including me) start these fitness journeys and we skip the hard part: asking “Why am I here?” Part of being successful is knowing why you want to eat poorly or not exercise. For me, it was a lot of excuses about being too busy, having old injuries, or just plain not wanting to. In reality, I was scared of something new, worried about looking stupid, and being afraid to fail. It sucked, I faced it, but now I do not allow myself to tell those kinds of stories.

I hope you’ve found these useful as you approach your new years fitness goals.  If you have resolutions or things to add, shoot me a comment on FB or drop in the comments below!



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