Immunity Boosting Smoothies (PLUS: Crash Dieting Info)


IDK about everyone else, but it seems like literally EVERYONE I know is sick. I’ve been trying my best to stay healthy this holiday season, which means ensuring I have high amounts of vitamin C and maintain a healthy diet. Believe it or not, getting enough sleep and eating the right foods can be extremely helpful to overall weight loss.  Oh and p.s. I still got sick anyway.

One thing I hear a lot of women say are, “Oh well, I’m starting smoothies.” First off, why? I mean, I can get behind of clean eating post-binge or a day of juice, but SMOOTHIES ALL THE TIME? Second of all, just because something is good for you, doesn’t mean it’s something you should eat or drink it all of the time or should make up ALL of your diet. This is my plea to you New Years Resolutioners, please avoid crash dieting. Did you know that according to an independent study, only 5% of people who lost weight on a crash diet actually kept it off?

Here’s my point:

Fruits and veggies are great to have, but they (especially fruits) ARE NOT VOID of carbs and sugar. For example, one banana has 27 grams of carbohydrates and orange juice has about 12g per 8 oz. That’s 39 grams of carbs with just two ingredients.  You know what? 1 Poptart has 38 grams of carbs. Not to say it’s more nutritionally sound, but think about it. If you’re daily intake of carbs should be  188, then you just jacked a significant portion of your carbs with a smoothie that is HIGH  in carbs and also LOADED with sugar. Now, don’t get me wrong here, veggies and fruits should make up a large portion of your diet, but please don’t think that binging on fruit is the way to be lean!   WATCH THOSE MACROS YO! Another issue with these smoothies, is that often people don’t add protein, and having significant amounts of protein aids in building lean muscle.

You may be thinking “Well that’s great, I’ll just buy a pre-packaged protein drink or juice.” Oh hell nah. Check the sugar on those bad boys. Granted while some of these are OK, be sure you are checking labels for sugar and fat.

Now that I’ve crushed your dreams, I’m going to bring you back.  Smoothies are great to supplement a good diet and when used in moderation.  If you’ve fallen off track, a veggie and fruit loaded smoothie is a great addition to a healthy balanced diet! I like to drink smoothies to get my veggies in because I just hate vegetables. I’m sorry. Fruits also function as immunity boosters and should be part of a healthy diet.

After doing some research, I decided to whip up this little creation to give me some Vitamin C and deliciousness.


Immunity Boosting Protein Smoothie: 

1/2-1 cup spinach (I like mine frozen): benefits include immunity support (Vitamins A and C) and is extremely low in calories. It also contains 4g of fiber per cup.

1/2 c blueberries: One of the highest antioxidant foods in the world, providing immunity support. Also extremely low in sugar and carbs

A few mandarin oranges:  great for vitamin C and E which are great for immunities as well as skin health. (Use sparingly due to sugar)

Orange juice (under 8oz): Vitamin C and covering the taste of spinach. If you don’t have enough liquid, cut with water.

1 scoop Vanilla Whey: Because GAINZ.

Most of these fruits are relatively low in sugar, but serve the function of providing fiber and immunity support. Just add in a blender and blend that bad boy up!!! Use this drink sparingly in your diet. (I do about once a week).

Do you have any great smoothie recipes? Drop them in below!



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