GUEST BLOG ALERT: Five New Year’s Resolutions NOT to make this year


My very first guest blogger. OMG! I am sure sometimes it gets tiring hearing from me, and I want to be sure that this blog reflects lots of different perspectives! Brittany is an amazing recruiter, mother, fitness enthusiast, and lover of fancy drinks.  Check out her blog on common New Year’s Resolution pitfalls!

1. I’m going to wake up at 5:00am every day and work out for an hour before work.

I’ve made this one countless times and each year on January 1st, I remember how slangry (sleepy + angry) I get when forced to wake up before the sun.  I might stick with it for a week or so, but then I give in to my bed for a day or two and then I just let the whole idea go.  If you’re a morning person, by all means wake up at 5am and take a morning jog while I am still drooling on my pillow.  However, if the thought of voluntarily waking up earlier makes you somewhat homicidal, be realistic with yourself and when the best time in your schedule to work out is.    Make your resolution that you WILL make time to be active though.

2. I’m going to run a marathon this Spring!

Awesome!  I just love those cool 26.2 stickers on cars.  My stepmom has a 26.2 tattoo and every time I see it I convince myself doing a marathon would be super fun and a great goal.   Never mind that in high school I literally tied myself to a friend to avoid having to run the mile.  Every year I tell myself I am going to do a marathon, and every year I head to the track and walk/run two laps and the whole time I am thinking how cold I am, how I can’t breathe, and wondering how anyone can find this enjoyable.  Start slow.  Make your resolution a 5k or simply to set time aside 2-3 times a week to run.  If you decide running isn’t for you, don’t force it!  There are so many workouts out there – don’t waste time forcing yourself to do something you hate.  You will just end up getting discouraged.  Try running!  But also try boxing, yoga, Zumba, weight lifting, and any other activity that makes you feel excited!

3. I’m cutting out all sugar and eating 100% clean.

I had this talk with a co worker last week as she was heating up coffee cake for breakfast and I was making a bagel.  We talked about how January 1st it was all chia seeds and superfoods.  Buh bye coffee cake, carbs, and champagne!  I’ve only made this one 15 times before, I am sure this will be my year to completely change my eating habits overnight.  Ha!  Set yourself up for success by making small changes.  Don’t make it an overnight revolution.  Start with just starting each day with a healthy breakfast, or cutting out that evening ice cream.  Think of food as fuel, not a reward.

4. I will lose 20, 40, 100 pounds by _____ date.

I have always wanted to be in the 120’s.  For some reason it stuck in my head a long time ago that 120 is the perfect weight for me.  Never mind that I’m 5’9” with “child birthing” hips and a head that easily adds in an extra 5 pounds.  Don’t focus on the number on the scale.  Focus on how you feel and how your clothes fit.  Don’t let yourself get hung up on a certain number.

5. I’m going to spend so much money on cool work out clothes/expensive tennis shoes/an elliptical/personal trainer that I will HAVE to work out!

Totally unrelated, is anyone interested in buying an unused yoga mat, $100 tennis shoes, or a used elliptical I made my husband drag home so I could run every night while watching the Real Housewives of whatever city we’re on?   Spending money on working out will not make you dedicated.  And you will just be upset with yourself when you think about the money you spent.  Buy yourself one great workout outfit you feel confident in or a nice water bottle or headphones, but don’t invest hundreds of dollars until you have found what you really enjoy doing.  After you find your groove, splurge on the tennis shoes for running or Dancing with the Stars workout DVD.  (I also have that for sale if anyone is interested).

Most of all, be kind to yourself!  If you fall off the wagon for a bit, don’t give up and vow to try again in 2018.  Get up and get after it!

“There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path, don’t allow yourself become one of them”


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I am a newly thirty year old wife, mama, recruiter, and over thinker.   I’ve been married to my best friend (cliche, but true) for going on 8 years and we have a beautiful, perfect two year old boy.

I love traveling and planning trips (hit me up if you need help planning a budget friendly trip!), trying new foods and drinks, discovering new music to play on repeat, reading, shopping and everything fashion related, and being outdoors.

Check out my blog to learn more! 

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