Thai Food Without Guilt! Macros Included!


As most of you know, I’m knee deep in prep. I’m already fighting off cravings which is awful at this stage in the game. My biggest issue is the fact I LOVE CARBS.  It doesn’t even matter the kind of carbs, if it remotely resembles bread, I want it. The worst part is,  I find myself thinking about all the things I CAN’T have the second I enter prep. But, if you want something and can’t have it, a good rule of thumb is to modify. In the coming weeks, I’ll be highlighting my all time favorite “clean” cheat tricks!

This dish features my go-to noodles in prep. These are fat free, gluten free, wheat free, and are EXTREMELY low in carbs. I order them in bulk on Amazon. These aren’t “fake” noodles, but they are made with organic Konnyaku flour, which are from the roots of  a Japanese plant called Konjac. They don’t taste like your typical pasta noodle, rather more a noodle that you may find in an asian stir fry. Now, when you open these, they will have a “plant-like,” smell because of where they come from, but once rinsed and cooked, they don’t taste that way. Note that these noodles have a bland taste, but are wonderful when accompanied by lots of flavors!


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Thai Noodle Miracle Noodles


Total Servings: 5 serving Weight: 840g
Total Fat32g


1 tbsp minced garlic

Sriracha to taste

12.5 oz White chicken breast by swanson (1 can)
4 tbsp Gluten free thai peanut asian sauce by Annie Chun’s—You can use any asian peanut sauce, but please watch fat content!)
1 tbsp Organic creamy peanut butter spread by full circle
14 oz Konnyaku flavor spaghetti by better than pasta
1 tbsp Pb2 powdered peanut butter by bell plantation (I cut my peanut butter with PB2 due to my diet)
To Cook:
  1. Rinse noodles and set aside. (Don’t worry about drying them too too much)
  2. Spray a skillet and heat at medium heat.
  3. Add garlic and brown slightly.
  4. Add chicken breast and toss lightly. Add noodles and toss with chicken until tender (usually about 5 minutes).
  5. Add Peanut Butter, sauce, and PB2 to skillet and stir until melted together. (It will be chunky at first but don’t freak. The leftover water on noodles will soak up PB2)
  6. Add sriracha to taste


Annnnd you’re done! Note that this dish doesn’t always look appetizing, but it is delicious!

Happy Dieting!






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